• Responsive design

    The app looks great on iPhones, iPads (iOS 7+) and Android devices (4.2+).

  • Easy to read

    Vitamin D (UVB) information is highlighted in yellow for easy reading in all pages.


    Main and option menus are included to give you intuitive navigation.


    Prepending, appending and deleting your location is a breeze.


    Your current location is displayed with just tapping on the 'Get Current Location'.


    Easy search to anywhere in the world.


Easy to read detail weather forecast and Vitamin D (UVB). Easy access to all options with main and option menus.

  • Today Weather Forecast with Vitamin D
  • Hourly Weather Forecast with Vitamin D
  • 7-day Weather Forecast with Vitamin D
  • Global location search
  • Current location search
  • Temperature Unit change (F,C)
  • Favorite (append, prepend, delete)
  • Page Refresh


Why don't I see any Vitamin D in the daily and weekly forecast pages?
The app displays the time when the angle of the sun to your location is 50 ° or higher. This is due to the fact that optimal UVB rays are present at this time.
Hitting "Get Current Location" multiple times automatically adds to favorites multiple times?
Yes, this can happen if the app detects a different longitude and latitue even for the same location.
Does this mean that Vitamin D (UVB) has an on/off switch?
No, Vitamin D (UVB) does not have on/off switch. The amount of UVB gradually increases or decreases as the sun is rising and setting. This app calculates optimal Vitamin D time to ensure that you are getting the optimal UVB rays.

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